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Feather Sexing Buckeye Chicks

Feather sexing Buckeye chicks is easier than I expected. I don’t have a lot of experience with sexing baby chicks. In the past I have raised mostly pullets and was occasionally surprised by a pullet “turning” into a rooster. This year I have raised several batches of straight-run chicks (straight-run means as they hatch, not […]

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Raising Heritage Chickens for Meat and Eggs

When I got serious about raising meat for my family I decided that we needed a heritage breed. Heritage breeds are those breeds that have been recognized by the American Poultry Association since at least the mid 20th century. While we have raised the ubiquitous Cornish Rock X chickens, they are not able to reproduce […]

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Backyard Chickens for Fresh Eggs

Raising backyard chickens for fresh eggs is a fun project that has tasty results. There is something amazing about finding fresh, delicious eggs in the nest box every day. A few chickens in the yard can eat up your kitchen scraps, give you a bit more self-sufficiency, eat the bugs out of your yard, and […]

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Why Raise Your Own Meat Chickens?

Raising your own meat chickens is not a first-step into backyard farming for most people. It sometimes takes some time to get used to the idea of raising what you eat. Some people think it is cruel to raise and animal and then eat it. But I have come to the decision that being nice to our […]

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